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Before the 2022 WRX, there was a 1985 Pakistani // #2022wrx #wrx #subaru

Before the 2022 WRX, there was a 1985 Pakistani // #2022wrx #wrx #subaru

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HeavyMetalWRX was just a name for a long time and not associated with anything. I streamed on Twitch during COVID and it didnt really go anywhere. Once I got my 2021 WRX I decided I was going to go full on with YouTube. I made many videos for my 2021 WRX but that model was outgoing and there was very little interest. Still I stuck with it until I decided to take the plunge with the 2022 WRX. This purchase, coupled with the fact that there werent many people championing the car, and a massive community who was hungry for content, was my big ticket to getting noticed. I thank you to everyone who has supported me so far, my wife, my family, and friends, and of course all of the new friends I have made all over the world. 

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